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Donations and voluntary parental contributions

Together we make the Aloisiuskolleg happen

From 1 October 2022, we have reworded the request for the voluntary contribution from parents. The aim is to secure the school in the long term and to provide transparent information about this. We will provide information at the carers‘ evenings and on this website. In addition, families will be contacted individually by the College in autumn 2022.

In a video (in German), P. Martin Löwenstein
, representing the school authority, explains
the main points (click on the picture).

Information Folder

Independent privat school

The German Constitution guarantees the possibility of public schools. The implementation of this right and the financial support is up to the federal states. Public schools are not supposed to be only for the rich. Nevertheless, the state assumes that free schools cover a significant part of their costs themselves.

Making Aloisiuskolleg strong for the future

Das Aloisiuskolleg als freie Schule mit seinem besonderen Profil und den Angeboten ist nur möglich durch freiwillige Elternbeiträge. Dies geht nur solidarisch, denn kein Kind wird aus finanziellen Gründen vom Besuch der Schule ausgeschlossen.

The Aloisiuskolleg as a free school with its special profile and offers is only possible through voluntary parental contributions.

This is only possible through solidarity, because no child is excluded from attending the school for financial reasons.
We ask all families for a monthly amount:
130€ for the first child, 110€ for the second child, 90€ for the third and 70€ for the fourth child.

Download SEPA mandate and then complete on PC and send it to AKO-Buchhaltung [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de (AKO)

Voluntary parental contributions to the AKO-Foundation

The Aloisiuskolleg Foundation makes it possible for the school to operate as a free school. It finances the school’s own share because the public sector only partially finances public schools. The equipment and building fabric are also to continue to be well maintained and expanded in the long term.

The contribution to the foundation serves to cover the school operating costs; since the children’s school attendance is a „consideration“, the legislator unfortunately excludes a credit as a fully tax-reducing donation.
Contributions from alumni and others who do not currently have children at the College can always be fully certified as donations.

Anregungen – Fragen

Detailed in the Informationsfolder

If you have any suggestions or questions on this topic, please call or write to us:
0228 82003 505 rektor [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de (P. Löwenstein, Rector)
0228 82003 507 gf [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de (Mr. Nettersheim, Managing Director)
0228 82003 508 AKO-Buchhaltung@

Or write an email — gladly also confidentially — to parents who
have dealt with the topic and answer your questions:
elternbeitrag [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de


Warum nimmt das AKO kein Schulgeld?
Wie geht das mit dem SEPA-Mandat (Lastschrifteinzug)
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Spenden und freiwilligem Elternbeiträgen?
Ist die Trägerschaft der Schule langfristig gesichert?
Kann das AKO nicht mehr Drittmittel und Geld von Stiftungen einwerben?