Gymnasium der Jesuiten für Mädchen und Jungen

Bank account details

All bank accounts around the Aloisisukolleg: College, Förderverin, Foundation, Jesuits

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Aloisiuskolleg gGmbH

  • General business account, externat, Mensa subscription
    DKM Darlehenskasse Münster
    IBAN: DE 63 40060265 0017 6743 00
  • All normal payments to the school
  • SEPA direct debits (iPad, externat or for the Mensa subscription)

Please do NOT use this account

  • Parent contributions/donations to the Stiftung Aloisiuskolleg foundation or Förderverein
  • Charging of the AKO card (trust account)

AKO Card (Trust Account): Cafeteria, Kiosk, AKO Forum, Trips, etc.

All students will receive an “AKO Card” plus access information for their own account at the College (i-NET). The card will be linked to an escrow account at DKM Bank into which families can deposit any amount they choose. After that, those who do not have the simple Mensa subscription can pre-order lunches on the web page www. ako.; using this card, it is also possible to pay at the kiosk in the schoolyard during breaks.

The system is also used to handle all other payments in the school and and in the AKO forum, such as the contribution for a class trip: the families must then transfer at least this amount to the INet account (i. e. not the normal AKO account!) so that the AKO card has sufficient credit. As soon as at least a sufficient amount has been received in the respective trust account for the student, the contribution for the class trip will then be debited.

  • Escrow account for money withdrawn via the AKO-card Aloisiuskolleg gGmbH
    Aloisiuskolleg gGmbH
    DKM Darlehenskasse Münster
    IBAN: DE 09 4006 0265 0017 6743 02
  • This account exclusively for charging the own trust account e. g. for individual refectory meals, kiosk, contributions to class events and the like. All other payments (also Mensa subscription) use the general AKO account)

Stiftung Aloisiuskolleg

  • DKM Darlehenskasse Münster — voluntary parental contributions
    IBAN: DE 44 40060265 0032 0320 00
  • Please issue a SEPA direct debit mandate for the voluntary parental contributions — this makes accounting much easier. Thank you
  • Download SEPA mandate and then fill it out on your PC and send it to AKO-Buchhaltung [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de (AKO)
  • Donations to the College (for scholarships, special investments or projects) please also to this account.


  • Verein zur Förderung des Aloisiuskollegs Bad Godesberg e. V.
    DKM Darlehenskasse Münster
    IBAN: DE12400602650018568200
  • Please send your membership fees to this account as donations to the Förderverein.

Aloisiuskolleg Alumni e. V.

  • Sparkasse KölnBonn
    IBAN: DE89 3705 0198 1902 5358 61
  • For membership fees of the association