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On behalf of Aloisiuskolleg I would like to welcome you to our website. This is not a full translation of all the content; it is more a visiting card. You´ll find all the details and many more impressions on the German section. But still we want to welcome you in English and give a general overview of Aloisiuskolleg or ”AKO“ as we say.

Of course you are most welcome to visit us personally at the campus, in Bonn – Bad Godesberg. For more details or questions according admission we are happy to help with further information

P. Johannes Siebner SJ

Fr. Johannes Siebner SJ
Phone: +49–228 – 82 003-505
rektor [at] aloisiuskolleg [dot] de

Find other members of the team on our contact page.

In 2013 and 2015 two films were made – the first one a student’s project takes you on a beautiful five minute ride all over the place with a paper plane – you´ll like it:

The second 8'20" film from 2015 focuses on the boarding section and gives a good impression of having a ”second home“ here at Aloisiuskolleg.

Aloisiuskolleg in brief is:


Aloisiuskolleg is part of the worldwide network of Jesuit schools. There also is a Jesuit Community at the college, where six Jesuits live. They have their home at Aloisiuskolleg and represent the funding body of the school; they work at Aloisiuskolleg as teachers, in the chaplaincy, the youth ministry and in the administration.

Our education is based in the Ignatian tradition and on a Christian worldview. So we guide young people when developing their individual skills and their judgement to take over responsibility and serve society and church (”men and women for others“). The college is committed to the following criteria, verbalised for Jesuit schools worldwide by the former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ:

Aloisiuskolleg shall be a place,

  • where each individual experiences his or her dignity as God‘s creation,
  • where there is conscious reflection on the meaning of what has been learned,
  • where there is commitment to justice,
  • where the question of God is raised (intellectually) and is practised in everyday life.

Find more about the Jesuits and the worldwide network of Jesuit schools at

”Gymnasium“ (i.e. grammar school resp. high school leading to ”Abitur“)

Aloisiuskolleg is a state-recognised co-educational Gymnasium (grammar school resp. high school), run by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits); it currently has around 720 pupils.

The eight years of Gymnasium (grades 5 to 12) aim at “Abitur“, which is the well accepted entrance qualification to university in Germany and all over the world. All certificates, grades and qualifications are state recognised and accepted worldwide.

Aloisiuskolleg as a Christian school

Naturally, at a school operated by a Catholic religious order, religious life has a significant role so that pupils can learn about and experience their faith and their doubts, the Church, Christianity and their values. Religious education up to Abitur level is compulsory, religious services are part of school and boarding school life.

The languages at Aloisiuskolleg:

Our core academic curriculum sets the highest standards, but there is a particular emphasis on mathematics and the natural sciences (including participation in local and international competitions) languages and on music tuition, the creative arts and sports as well. Our high standard symphonic orchestra has quite a reputation. And then, as you can expect at a Jesuit school, there is a special focus on drama—once or twice a year our school theatre challenges pupils to develop acting talents great and small, and technical skills in set construction, lighting and sound technology.

Boarding (girls and boys)

The Aloisiuskolleg boarding section offers places for about 40 girls and 100 boys from grade 8 onwards. Girl boarders live in a separate house on Elisabethstrasse, which has open views over the Rhine valley to Siebengebirge Hills; boys (grades 8 to 10) are accommodated in Stella Rheni, a neoclassical villa and for the last two years (grades 11 and 12) in single rooms in the recently renovated “Neubau”.

An experienced team of 8 fully qualified male and female house-parents and other support staff, led by Torsten Liebscher, provides supervision and support for the students in our care. Their personal wellbeing, their individual personal development and educational support are as important to us as the meaningful use of their leisure time. Religious education, the development of mature personalities and the fostering of social responsibility are of major importance.

We offer a wide range of options for meaningful recreational activities in the arts and crafts, in music and drama, experimental learning and sports (football, basketball, tennis on our own tennis courts, volleyball, rowing) and our college big band, classical orchestra and drama,—these are just some of the many activities of AKO-Forum programme.

Living and learning in a community

It´s not only our aim to provide our pupils with a thorough academic education which will enable them to achieve good results in the Abitur examinations, but also to work towards their holistic formation as an individual within the community. This comprehensive educational concept is characterised by a Christian approach which attaches particular importance to individual care and attention for each pupil (cura personalis). It emphasises personal initiative and promotes the process of life-long learning. It is value-orientated, encourages self-acceptance, and assists in the development of a realistic perception of the world in which we live. It aims at develop the ability of thinking clearly and critically, reflecting and of taking decisions independently and responsibly (sanum iudicium).

In short living at our boarding school offers Living and learning

  • in community
  • in companionship
  • in diversity
  • in a Christian environment.

When pupils do not come to us on their own will, but only agree to boarding because they believe they will eventually come to accept it, they will not be happy here. Pupils who attend school as boarders must actively wish to do so. Parents and their sons and daughters are expected to engage in open and frank deliberations with the headmasters of school and of the boarding section. Find a good overview in the 8'20" film shot in 2015:

Boarding fees for a school year (last update: 25.04.2017)

The fees paid for boarding at Aloisiuskolleg include board and lodging charges, an admission fee and a security payment. Board and lodging charges are shown in the table below as an annual fee. The payment basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) is subject to individual agreement.

In addition to board and lodging fees, admission fees and security payments, we expect each parental household to give a donation to our solidarity fund. This contribution supports the human and financial investment of the Jesuit Order in Aloisiuskolleg; it also helps those pupils and their families who need and deserve support.


Boarding fees per school year

Admission fee

Security payment

Solidarity contribution per school year

Fees are applicable for all school years

20,160 Euro p. a.

180 Euro
(single payment)

600 Euro
(single payment)

900 Euro p. a.


Our team

So much more

Of course there is much more to know about Aloisiuskolleg:

Please have a look at our gallery

At AKO-Forum you find a very attractive section of Aloisiuskolleg. AKO-Forum offers activities in the fine arts (drama, orchestra, Big Band), sports and much more.

Our astronomy team meets at the observatory on the roof of the school building.

ProCura is the name of a youth group at AKO, where youth take responsibility for kids and are engaged in many different activities.